From Human Being For Palestine

From Human Being For Palestine

Hi, call me a human being. I write this in consciousness with eyes fully opened, opened mind and hurt heart. I’m living in a small town, far from the crowded of people’s busyness.  As a “just” human being, I don’t have a mountain of wealth, strengths and even don’t have thousands of followers on social media. No one in the world knows me, except my family and friends.

I’m not an influencer but perhaps you say that I’m “act” like an influencer because I speak up about this case. I only have 900 followers on my Instagram and most of them are my friends who I know them very well cause I don’t follow back somebody who never know me. Then how can I influence them, while I only have a little amount of followers in a small scope? 

You have to know, today everything goes big from small scope. I believe that from the small scope can be a big alteration. If you think that you can’t bring the alteration from every single post because of the small followers, I say that you make mistakes. Every post you share, directly impacts people in large. No matter what. 

I admit to myself, nation and humanity that from the beginning until forever, I stand up for Palestine. I imprecate Zionist Israel! I’d just realized about the conflict between Palestine and Israel from 2007 when I was in high school. All the time, I just silently looked at the people killed by the criminal Zionist without understanding the real cause “Why do they relentlessly kill people in Palestine?” Regarding that, in my cogitation I try to read the history between two nations from the story of Prophet Ibrahim until Modern Zionism came to the Promised Land and imposed the Palestinians to come out from their mother land.

I’m not an expert about history but I’m a history learner who has the heart and mind to become human. In the last years, the brutality of Zionist Israel stuck out and devastated the land of Palestine. Then from Oct 7 2023 to now, the conflict started to heat up. The Zionist Israel tries to spread stories about Palestine and they are busy creating defamation which highlights the conflict only in “OCT 7”! So how about colonialism starting from 1948 and how many victims from civilians because of your brutality? 

One of the fake stories that today spread by Zionist Israel is “Hamas is a terrorist” because this organization is holding Israel civilians. Meanwhile, Hamas is a group of Palestinian that defend their lands from Zionist. This fake story makes me go back to the history of colonialism in Indonesia. Bung Tomo, Diponegoro, Imam Bonjol and many others heroes who struggled for the motherland from colonialism. Are they terrorists? Absolutely no! They’re heroes who defend their country! The plot of west media created between Indonesia and Palestine just like twin, “The Tragedy of November 10th 1945 is because of the terrorist headed by Bung Tomo, and Sutan Syahrir is the Extremist”.

The Zionist Israel tries to brainwash people all over the world about the Promised Land connected to their ancestor stories. They talk aloud that Promised Land is for people without land. This phrase was triggered by the British Zionist, Israel Zangwill in 1901 (Narasi, 2023). This slogan becomes the weapon of propaganda. 

On the other hand, day by day, month by month and year by year, we can’t avoid the narration about the Palestinians who are shot and bombed by the Zionist Israel military. Pathetically, the map of Palestine is removed from Google map because most of the land is confiscated by Zionist Israel. They impost Palestinians to come out from their motherland. 

In the last month since Hamas attacked Zionist Israel by rockets, the war has become rude. Almost 10 thousand people including women and children died as Syuhada. The Zionist Israel bombarded civil, church, mosque, Jews in Palestine, hospitals, residence complexion, evacuation camp and some public areas. The last updated about the international criminal war by Zionist Israel are: 

  1. The Zionist Military bombards the ambulance convoy which brings injured victims in front of Al Shifa hospital. This criminal action killed 15 Palestinians. 
  2. Zionist Israel airstrikes struck near the Al Quds hospital in Gaza. 
  3. The Zionist Israel disconnects the electricity, internet, medicine, food and any other aid supply in Gaza.
  4. The Zionist Israel struck with phosphorus bomb to shell Plaestinians sheltering in Gaza school.
  5. The Zionist Israel kills a Palestinian Journalist, Yasser Abu Namous. From the latest updates, at least 36 journalists have been killed since the war began on Oct 7th, 2023. 
  6. Palestinians in Gaza are prohibited to come out from Gaza, so that this town becomes an open jail for them. 
  7. And many other criminal war actions from Zionist that hurt your heart as human beings. 

Those points are some proof of the criminal war by Zionist Israel. Since they attack Christians and Jews in Gaza, this case is not about religion issues, but it is GENOCIDE and expatriation of the Palestinians. It’s not in accordance with international law. This is HUMANITY ISSUES! 

I commit to stand for Palestine because colonialism, deprivation of rights and GENOCIDE must be reduced from all over the world. It’s not a big deal to let our sister, brother, parents, and friends be killed by Zionist. For these reasons, I decide to speak up about this sensitive case in my blog. 

I really don’t care if someday this page or this web is banned. On the contrary, I must be relieved to have spoken the truth to everyone who read this. It’s not about FOMO, it’s about how you’re human, do you still have empathy? Do you have a big heart to see this fact? 

Yes, we have some problems in our life and you think about the risk. But when you talk about this humanity , it will be something. Don’t leave people who don’t have a safe place, hug them and educate yourself to be a humankind. I deliberately don’t share my happiest or fun moments for a moment on social media as my support for Palestine who is struggling. 

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